Elizabeth Welch aka LIZ-E first discovered her love for drum & bass after attending such raves as Helter Skelter and Slamming Vinyl at the Legendary Sanctuary in Milton Keynes around 2003. Following on from these early encounters she developed a huge passion for the music and decided she wanted to take up dj’ing and as a majority of her group of friends were male and contained other budding dj’s. She then bought a set of decks and spent all her spare time and money buying vinyls and doing mixes whilst perfecting her skills.
After doing early guest slots on UK bass Radio, and taking various opportunities playing in clubs she landed a long term and very well supported weekly radio show on Intobeats where she continued to spread her unique sound and style and also started to incorporate the now strongly emerging dubstep sound. Liz states that she used her show very much for experimenting musically and this was what she felt drew people to tuning into the show on a weekly basis.
2010 was the year she started seriously to pursue another passion in writing and producing her own tracks, after a chance meeting with the drum & bass artist Jaydan in Spain in 2009 he offered to help Liz get her own studio set up and to give her support in getting started. Since then Liz-e has worked very hard on advancing her studio skills and any spare time she has is spent in the studio. She is exclusively signed to the drum and bass label “Smokin Riddims” and has also released Dubstep tracks on the record label “PUNCH”
2012 has been the year where she has really started to make an impression in and around the drum and bass scene following the releases of “The Witches” collaboration with Jaydan and also her solo releases “Time & Space” b/w “Fred” on Smokin Riddims. After starting to write an EP for Smokin Riddims which she wanted to be as diverse as possible to show all the styles she enjoys a couple of the completed tracks were sent to BBC Radio 1’s Dj Friction. Much to her surprise he immediately started to play her track “The Last Time” on his Radio 1 Show and it created a hive of positive activity which led onto him contacting her to see if he could have the track to release on SGN .After discussions between the labels it was agreed that it was a great opportunity for her as an artist and the track would reach a more appropriate audience if released on SGN ltd. So Liz-e was asked to provide a flipside to the track and release a debut single on SGN ltd. Following on from the flipside being well received by them they then stepped up and offered her a record deal to run alongside her exclusive contract with Smokin Riddims. 2013 was a year that Liz's 'The Last time' was really born a track released on Friction's SGN:LTD label.The release had support from prime time Radio One DJs such as Annie Mac and Phil Taggart and Alice Lavine and also UKF showing big support. Followed by her debut EP for Smokin Riddims also receiving great support from DJs worldwide. In 2014 Liz was crowned Best Female Artist at The National Drum & Bass Awards by Public vote which was a very big achievement for her and she is very grateful to all who voted.Shortly after she dropped her next single on SGN:LTD 'Need you' and 'On my mind' which where heavily supported by Many big names such as Toddlah T , Mistajam and DJ Hazard.
In 2015 Liz-e had a release in tiled ‘my heart’ on Shogun Audio with vocalist Lauren Archer which proved a big success being first shared by MixMag. Follwing on that year she had another release on SGN LTD titiled Love 4 u and Memories which was heavily supported thoughout the scene.
Throughout 2016 she released on two drum and bass arena compilations and had signed up to Shadow Demon Empire which was a spin off of the Shadow Demon movement led by MC's Trigga and Bassman.

In 2017 Liz is continuing to suprise by signing a track to Viper Recordings being the first female to be featured with the label powered by artists Matrix and Futurebound.

And releasing her first dancefloor track with Shadow Demon. A few years later she was invited to perform for Rampage in Belgium when she became the first female solo producer to ever perform.

Firmly flying the flag for female producers into 2021 LIZ-E is sure to carry on reigning as she hits the studio again.